Our Code

To listen to the home owner and get a clear understanding of exactly what they want and strive to make their dreams come true. I have worked as a sub contractor for many years in the field fixing and repairing every thing that could go wrong. This has taught me how to take care of every aspect of the jobs. Giving the home or business owner complete confidence in our knowledge and the ability to do their job right the first time.

Our Story

My construction career started at 13 years old digging footings for concrete slabs for new spec houses. biscuit in my pocket shovel in hand watching the sun rise. The summer heat in the middle of those days would blister your skin before 4 pm. I loved my new shovel that first morning, but by dark and my hands looking like bubble wrap…. I decided that I would never really like it at all. These guys would install swimming pools, build new houses and roofing and shingles. scrape and paint old houses. I learned to do a mans work that summer as I walked in his shoes and carried a load. Those standards of respect and hard work are part of what makes me what I am today.

Meet the Team

All of the years it took me to learn the tricks of the trade and different techniques seem to be sewed into his genetics. I don’t know whether to be happy about it or just get mad. It starts with his math skills and him easily learning how to do the job right the first time he is taught. What ever it is that makes him great doesn’t matter I just thank god for it.

Scott Davison

Owner Sales Service

Nicholas Davison

Field representative General foreman

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